Our Impact

ADRA’s purpose is to serve humanity so all may live as God intended – free from poverty and injustice. We serve where and when it is needed most, partnering with vulnerable communities to create positive and sustainable change.

Key Areas of Development

All ADRAs work focuses on four key areas of development. By working alongside communities to improve each of these areas we see a lasting impact which helps break cycles of poverty and injustice.


Helping people provide for themselves creates change that can be seen for generations. We’re committed to helping people strengthen their livelihoods and build self-reliance


Health is at the heart of so much of the world’s poverty and suffering. We work with communities to provide food, clean water, and other health resources.


Through ADRA’s global network we respond to disasters around the world. We provide immediate relief and often support longer term recovery.


Education changes everything, yet 1 in 5 children are not in school. ADRA advocates for childrens rights to education and implements projects that support education.

Where we Work

We work in a range of different communities across multiple countries. We serve where the need is greatest. Check out our projects below. 

Building Stronger Communities

We serve communities here in New Zealand by partnering with Adventist churches. We run a range of programs designed to meet a specific need relevant to the local community.

Growing Incomes of Farmers

Through strengthening value chains, we’re helping rural farmers get their produce to markets and grow their profits. 

Strengthening Economies through Agriculture

We’re working with farmers in Myanmar to grow their harvest through sustainable farming, and increasing income for their families.

Improving Food Security

We work alongside farming communities in Timor-Leste to help strengthen their business and agricultural skills. Our project helps improve income, food security, and overall well-being for families.

Providing Clean Water to Communities

Clean water saves lives, this is why we’re providing clean water and hygiene facilities to improve the health of children and families in Vanuatu.