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Do you have a question? We love hearing from people who want to learn more about ADRA, our work, and so much more. Below are answers to many of the questions we receive regularly.

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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is the global humanitarian organisation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Founded in 1956 as the Seventh-day Adventist Welfare Service and renamed ADRA in 1984, the agency has a long and successful history of providing humanitarian relief and implementing development initiatives.

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Through an international network, ADRA delivers relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 130 countries—regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation, or religious association. By partnering with communities, organisations, and governments, ADRA is able to improve the quality of life of millions.

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We receive funding from a range of sources including private and corporate donors and Government and other funding bodies. This includes, but is not limited to, the New Zealand Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (MFAT) aid program.  Our full, audited financial report can be reviewed in our most recent Annual Report.

All donations to ADRA New Zealand from within New Zealand of $5 or more are tax-deductible.

ADRA New Zealand does not take any commission from donations. All donations are used for program support and additional fundraising, with the actual percentage allocation remaining within a range approved by the Board and published in our annual report. In the 2018 financial year, we allocated 8% of our expenditure to the essential administration, accountability and compliance aspects of program support, which include activities such as fraud prevention and child protection. We allocated an additional 3% of our expenditure to raising funds from the public and the New Zealand government. These percentages do not represent a deduction or commission from donations, they are simply a presentation of the actual costs of carrying out the work that we do.

ADRA does not proselytise. God’s love in ADRA’s programs is expressed when it reaches out to those in need regardless of race, gender, and political, or religious affiliation. We work in harmony with a broad array of cultures, traditions, and people of non-Christian faith, respecting the human dignity of all. The positive impact of ADRA’s contribution globally validates our heritage and belief in benevolent giving, as well as introduces the Adventist name to communities.

Children are major beneficiaries of our programs, designed to benefit entire communities rather than focus on individuals. As such, ADRA has chosen not to do child sponsorships.

Your church keeps all donations confidential. We receive donations given through churches in a lump sum with no individual donor information so are not able to issue receipts. If you wish to receive a receipt from ADRA, you can mail your donation, give by phone at 0800 499 911, or online anytime at  

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