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Response in Tonga

On Saturday evening an underwater volcano erupted and triggered a tsunami. The tsunami has caused extensive damage across the island nation of Tonga.

Flooding has damaged homes, churches and other public infrastructure. Water supplies have been contaminated threatening public health. Telecommunications have also been affected making it difficult for people to contact family overseas. 

Children and families in Tonga are vulnerable. Your immediate response will provide life saving supplies to affected communities. 

ADRA is closely assessing the situation and is coordinating an emergency response to help those most in need. As the situation becomes clearer, we will continue to update supporters on how they can best help.

Your generosity today can help people are at their most vulnerable by providing life-saving emergency supplies.

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Your donation today will ensure ADRA is always ready and always there to respond to disasters like the Tsunami in Tonga. Your generosity ensures we are there when people need it most, thank you.