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Maria’s Story

“In 1975 I fled the village and ran into the forest because of the war,” Maria says. “When I was fleeing, I got a wound on my leg. It started small but grew over time. Years later, I was taken to Dili where they cut off my leg. Otherwise, I would have died from the infection.”

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Ana’s Story

Ana was at home walking in the garden with her mother when she first found out about the Cyclone. She had been helping her mum

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Ra’s Search for his Dad

Ra is nine years old. He loves running, playing with his younger brother Satape, and going to school with his friends. Almost all his friends

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Angela’s Ginger

Angela holds her one-year-old son in her arms, he is slowly falling asleep in the Timor-Leste heat. As a single mother, Angela is the sole

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