Papua New Guinea

Our work in Papua New Guinea

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We’re working in Papua New Guinea to create healthier and more resilient rural communities.

40% of families in PNG live in poverty. Poor health care, barriers to education and economic difficulties make it difficult for families to live fully free and thriving lives. 

Our five year SHAPE project is providing the tools and opportunities for better incomes and health outcomes.

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Increased food and income security of farming communities
Women (Green)
Increased economic resilience for women
Heart (Green) (1)
Improved health of rural communities

Project Activities

We’re working in 25 remote villages in East Nakanai, Talesia district and West New Britain to help families thrive. 

Through improving access to water and hygiene facilities and training families with essential finance and agricultural skills. 

This project will impact thousands of families by giving people the skills to improve their income, and the tools to live healthier lives.

Match Funding

ADRA, with the support of our in-country partners will deliver this project and will provide 20% of all funding through our fundraising and supporter network. The New Zealand government will provide the remaining funds to implement the project.

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