Our work in Timor Leste

Timor Leste
We’re working in Timor-Leste to create healthier and more resilient rural communities.

Timor-Leste is one of the poorest countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In the Viqueque Municipality, almost half the population live beneath the national poverty line while 40% of the population live below $2 NZD a day.

Our five year SHAPE project is providing the tools and opportunities for better incomes and health outcomes.

Wheat (Green) (1)
Increased food and income security of farming communities
Women (Green)
Increased economic resilience for women and girls
Heart (Green) (1)
Improved health of rural communities

Project Activities

This project is supporting farming families in this area through growing the rural economy and improving food security.

We achieve this through connecting small family farmers to larger markets. By having access to these markets, farmers are able to receive a higher price meaning they are able to make a higher profit and provide more for their family. Through connecting farmers to the right markets they are able to almost double their income! This also means there are more employment opportunities for people to work on farms and share in the profits made.

The project also provides agricultural support services ensuring sustainable and resilient crop yields. Not only will this improve food security, but also improve everyday diets and overall general well-being for families.

Match Funding

ADRA, with the support of our in-country partners will deliver this project and will provide 20% of all funding through our fundraising and supporter network. The New Zealand government will provide the remaining funds to implement the project.


Handwashing Stations

Project Update: April 2020

ADRA completed the handover of seven hand washing stations to government authorities in Viqueque Municipality. The District Administration representatives,  and the fire department accepted the equipment and will work together to keep them operational in various public areas of Viqueque town. 

Selling Ginger

Project Update: December 2019

By the end of 2019, with the support of the government of New Zealand, ADRA’s Farmers to Markets project has helped farmers sell 8.5 tonnes of fresh ginger to buyers in Dili. Contracts recently signed with Timorganic and Kmanek supermarket, mean that farmers will have a steady market to sell much more produce at the next harvest. 

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