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We’ve created this page to share resources that we hope will equip and inspire you to best serve your community.

If there is anything these resources don’t cover, we encourage you to reach out to the following:
Sally Lavea (National Programme Manager, ADRA)
Adrielle Carrasco (Director of Adventist Health, NZPUC)
Victor Kulakov (Director of Dicsipleship, NZPUC) 

Champions Conference 2021

All resources we used at the Champions Conference 2021 is available to view, download, and use. We have sorted the resources based on the session they were delivered in and an additional section for all other content not presented in a specific workshop.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary 1: Equipped to be the Church (Pr Victor Kulakov)

Pr Victor stressed the point that People will NOT come to us. We need to be with people… Minister to them… Church has been isolated from the world. It’s time we ARE church where God has placed us.

He has shared the Faith Research Conducted in Australia and New Zealand.

Plenary 2 & 3 : Equipped to Serve and Sow (Dr Paul Siope)

Dr. Paul Siope has provided a summary on his two plenary sessions. His first plenary session focused on cultural competency and how we serve as disciples with reference to cultural shift. His second session focused on how you sow the seed to all people and make a difference in your local setting. 

Workshop Sessions

Equipped to connect with your community (Keryn McCutcheon & Sally Lavea)

Community Transformation Partnerships (CTP) – a great tool to equip and support you and your Church to connect with your community! Never heard of it? Or maybe you have but don’t know what it is, and what it’s all about? Here’s your opportunity to hear how ADRA, Health and Discipleship can empower you through CTP to connect with your community!

Equipped to know your strengths to give your best show at service (Victor Kulakov)

They call it ‘flow’. It is when a person does the very thing in life that he or she was designed to do. When people discover their purpose in life and their strengths and start serving accordingly, they experience that state of ‘flow’ which is ultimate fulfilment and joy of doing the very thing they are called to do in life. Do you want to learn how you can discover the ‘flow’ in your life, serve and see a lasting impact? Come along and join us.

Equipped to deal with Depression and Anxiety (Kerry Gosset)

In this Depression, Anxiety and Recovery workshop I’ll take you through a basic information session which will outline what the program is about. I love running DARP programs in my local area, they are a great way in helping to build relationships with people and hopefully show them Jesus in a practical way.

The presentation for this workshop is not available. However, you can view the video below of Kerry sharing about a DARP project.

Equipped to confidently assess and design your initiative (Keryn McCutcheon & Victor Kulakov)

Do you have a desire to make an impact in your local community but not sure where to start and what to offer? Do you want to learn the easiest and the fastest way discovering the very service you can provide to your local community that really makes a difference? Find out at this workshop.

Equipped to BE, Youth Mentoring (Sally Lavea & Andrew Hoeflich)

Find out how and why you are already equipped to BE completely yourself and how you were born equipped by God to BE. Being fully present in who you are as God created you and conditioned in the life experiences you already have – has already equipped you to help young people – or all people – already in your path or further down the path you are already on.

Lata Titimanu was one of the original presenters but was unable to attend the conference but did share during a Monthly Community Champions Network meeting regarding her Youth Mentoring journey. Listen to her story in the video below.

Equipped to understand Mental Health First Aid (Apii Kavana & Adrielle Carrasco)

Mental Health First Aid is a mental health literacy programme designed to train participants how to assist people who are experiencing mental health distress, developing a mental illness, or are in a mental health crisis, when to intervene, and how to best support them.

Equipped to share your vision (Sally Lavea)

Do you already have a great idea or dream in mind for your community? Learn how to get funded to implement your dream community initiative by knowing how to submit a great funding application/proposal. Together, we’ll go through what content you need for an application and consider how to approach each answer in your application. 

Equipped to tell your story (Sarah Ryan)

Explore how monitoring and evaluation can strengthen your community initiatives and provide vital feedback and learnings for greater impact. Share ideas and learn some tips and tricks for compelling story collection and meaningful reporting that can support promotion of your next initiatives, and also inspire others to get involved and become champions, serving and connecting in their communities.

Equipped to enjoy plant-based cooking (Kerry Gosset)

Plant-based cooking has come into its own lately and it’s exciting to be a part of a team that’s putting together food made simple, healthy and good. In this workshop I’ll share how I got into “Cooking with Plants” and how you can too. I’ll demonstrate a recipe, give an outline of what you can do and answer any questions you may have on the “how-to” of setting up Plant-Based cooking classes in your local area. Look forward to seeing you there.

Kerry has provided a recipe below. If you would like to subscribe to her monthly newsletter where she shares more plant-based recipes, please email: [email protected]


Videos Shared throughout the Champions Conference


Photos captured throughout the Champions Conference

More photos to come! If you have any photos from the weekend you would like to share, please contact: [email protected]

Other Resources

Extra resources from the Conference

If you can’t find anything you’re looking for, please contact [email protected]

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