School Ambassador

Be an ADRA Ambassador at your school

ADRA’s Ambassador Program provides students with valuable experience in serving others, and making a difference in their local community. The ADRA Ambassador plays an important role in positively raising the profile of ADRA in the local community and encouraging other young people to be involved.

If you’re already involved in ADRA’s Ambassador programme and are wanting to download resources, please click the link below:

What's Involved?

For Students

A student (or 2 depending on the needs of the school) can be chosen to be ADRA leaders in their school. Ambassadors lead projects for their peers, while supported by the School Liaison Teacher. The aim of the projects are to foster community, increase awareness of the needs of others, and to offer opportunities to support others locally and internationally through ADRA.

For Teachers

A School Liason teacher will oversee the ADRA Ambassador program within their school, supports the 2 Ambassadors in their personal growth and Challenges each term. The School Liaison Person receives support from the ADRA Ambassador Coordinator.

An ADRA Ambassador will be the voice of ADRA in their school. They will help raise awareness about ADRA’s work and will be expected to help run one fundraiser and make announcements to their school. 

A full Job Description, including expectations for the student is available to view and download here.

You’ll work alongside a representative from ADRA who will be there to support you.

When you first sign up, the ADRA rep will send you a Welcome pack and organise a meeting with you (either in person or on Zoom).

Our team is there to help, we’ll be able to talk about your schools current capacity and decide on the best ways to engage.

In your Welcome pack, we’ll resource you with everything you need to start making an impact.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about development in a community setting. You’ll also develop your leadership and communication skills in a supportive environment. 

After your service, ADRA will also provide a certificate of recognition which demonstrates your community engagement, the certificate and a reference from your ADRA representative can be used in job and university applications. 

Term Challenges

Each Term the Ambassador opens a Challenge Pack. Each Challenge is based on one of ADRA’s four areas of development. These are: developing Health, Education, Livelihoods, and responding to Emergencies. The purpose of the Challenges is to create awareness within young people (and the school community) of the needs of others, and creating positive and sustainable change locally and globally. The Ambassador will be supported to develop leadership through each Challenge.

Responding to Emergencies

Lead in assembly, organise a fundraiser for ADRA. Funds will go to support ADRA's response to emergencies around the world.

Developing Health

Organise and run a local service event to clean up a community waterway, stream or beach.

Developing Livelihoods

Gather a team to organise a fundraiser, using the ADRA fundraiser ideas page. Publicise and run your ADRA fundraiser! Develop your leadership skills through the process.

Developing Education

Leave a lasting creative and informative mark on your school by creating a wall display with your team about the impact ADRA has around the world.

Setting you up to win!

ADRA is excited to partner with all those involved in the School Ambassador Programme—our dedicated Ambassadors, School Liaison Teachers, and wider School community. We anticipate this NEW venture to continue to grow and develop as we learn from each other!

We are committed to providing useful and meaningful resources to enable the ADRA story to be shared with the school and support your Ambassador journey.

Still have questions?

We’re here to help! You can get in contact with ADRA by calling 0800 499 911, or emailing [email protected] at any time. You can also view our School Ambassador brochure.

For Current Ambassadors

We have a range of resources available to help you with any activities or fundraising events. Download by clicking on the links below.

Term 1 Resources

Video content will be made available soon.

Apply Now

If you haven’t already talked to a teacher, we encourage you to do so as your school may already have a system for selecting their ADRA representative.

After submitting your details, an ADRA team rep will be in touch with you about your next steps. Thanks for applying!

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