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We’ve created this page to share resources that we hope will equip and inspire you to best serve your community.

If there is anything these resources don’t cover, we encourage you to reach out to the following:
Sally Lavea (National Programme Manager, ADRA)
Adrielle Carrasco (Director of Adventist Health, NZPUC)
Victor Kulakov (Director of Dicsipleship, NZPUC) 

Champions Conference 2022

All resources we used at the Champions Conference 2021 is available to view, download, and use. We have sorted the resources based on the session they were delivered in and an additional section for all other content not presented in a specific workshop.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary 1: Cheri Peters
Plenary 2: Ty Gibson
Plenary 3 : Maurice Curtis

Workshop Sessions

The Art of Knowing your Community (Maddy Voinea)

How to ensure community initiatives meet a real-world need, are effective, and are a blessing to your team as well as your community.
More information about Maddy’s work is available here.

Beautiful Disaster… Restoration, Unlikely Ambassadors... (Cheri Peters)

Can God actually restore us? Hear the amazing truth about what He wants to do in your life. When God anoints us with the Holy Spirit, even the least likely of us become ambassadors to those we love…to our communities, and to a hurting world.

Making Kingdom-centric Disciples (Dr Paul Siope)

Unlock a Kingdom-centric shift to share the good news in a real and personal way.

ELIA Wellness become a partner with Adventist Health Ministries (Adrielle Carrasco)

If you would like to learn about ELIA Wellness (Lifestyle Health) and would like to become a partner, with the ability to facilitate multiple health programmes in the community (online and in person), then come join us.


Content available soon.

Destress & Thrive (Andrea Kross)

Learn to run a De-stress & Thrive programme. This programme offers simple solutions for complex problems and shares principles and skills applicable to most stressful situations.

How to resolve the challenge with lack of commitment in member engagement (Victor Kulakov)

Discover how to set your church ‘on fire’ for God and engage them in community service! Yes you can take your church from apathy to highest level of engagement and commitment!

Equipped to Connect with Your Community (Tafa Fidow)

Struggling or unsure how to connect with your community? Come along and hear about the practical ways and methods, Tafa and the team at The Fields (one of our newest church plants here in Auckland, NZ) have been able to connect with their communities.

Storytelling to Inspire (Keira Bullock & Ryan McCutcheon)

Do you know how to spot a good story? Or how to get someone who isn’t sure they even have a story to share something powerful? And once you find the story, how do you capture someone’s specific story and tell it in a way that it can relate to a broad audience? If you want to know some tips and tricks on how to film and produce a transformative story join us as we share what we learned from 11 years of trial and error and learning the art ourselves.


Videos Shared throughout the Champions Conference

Other Resources

Extra resources from the Conference

If you can’t find anything you’re looking for, please contact [email protected]

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