Community Transformation Partnerships

ADRA’s Community Transformation Partnership  supports communities in New Zealand through funding churches/organizations to run programmes that support a need within their community. 

If you have a passion to serve your community, ADRA want to help you!

“My Family” initiatives are programmes that are designed and resourced by ADRA – meaning churches of any . Click on any of the links below for more information about the “My Family” initiatives. If you have identified a community need that may not be covered in the “My Family” initiatives, you can apply to our Innovations Fund which allows you to create a programme to support families in your community.

For more information, please contact the friendly team at ADRA – we would love to reach out to communities all across NZ!

“My Family” initiatives

ADRA designates funds to churches to run both “My Family” initiatives and Innovations Fund. The Church Partnership Programme focuses on partnering with churches to run a range of projects designed to help specific community needs. Click on any of the following links to discover the different “My Family” initiatives and learn how they can benefit your community!

Funding Criteria and Guidlines

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Innovations Fund

The Innovations Fund allow churches who want to partner with ADRA to design their own application and programme to help a specific community need. A church may identify a project concept that is outside the “My Family” initiative. These project ideas can be submitted to the innovations Fund.

Before sending in an application, it is best to consider the needs of your community. For more questions about the Innovations Fund, please contact the friendly team at ADRA today. Or click on the button below to apply for the Innovations Fund. 

Funding Criteria and Guidlines


For more information on specific national projects, postcards for each project is available to download! 
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