What is ADRA Connections?

 ADRA Connections provides development education trips where you can learn about the work of ADRA. By joining an ADRA Connections trip your church, school, interest group or organisation has the opportunity to learn about sustainable development and experience first-hand the project and the people of ADRA’s ministry. By using ADRA’s established projects as a foundation we are sending short term volunteer teams overseas to learn and a chance to get involved. From building, to farming, photography and training – there is a huge range of ways your team can be involved in the work of ADRA.

Thinking of getting involved? In April 2017, ADRA is taking a group to Vietnam! Come and experience the culture and make a difference in Vietnam through building different water facilities, running a teaching programme and helping serve the community you visit. Don’t missout on what could be the trip of a life time. 

ADRA’s work is founded in empowering communities. We believe empowering entire communities to be involved and a part of their own development is more cost effective, sustainable and the most powerful way to break the poverty cycle and see entire generations lifted out of poverty.

Now you can join with ADRA on the ground and be part of the change. ADRA Connections gives you the chance to be part of a short-term project with life changing potential. Visit one of ADRA’s projects, witness our work and be part of the change. Discover new cultures and see places of the world you would have never imagined. ADRA Connections is truly a life-changing experience.

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