Tindall Funding

Tindall Foundation Funding

Working in partnership with Adventist churches throughout New Zealand, ADRA runs a range of different projects that help a specific community need.  As an organisation ADRA has received funding from The Tindall Foundation to support a majority of these projects. ADRA is grateful for the funding received from the Tindall Foundation and know that with their support we can continue to build better, stronger and more resilient communities throughout Aotearoa.

Local Donations Manager

ADRA is also a Local Donations Manager for the Tindall Foundation which means we help to connect local community projects with Tindall Foundation funding. What this means for you is that you can apply for Tindall Funding through ADRA. Any organisation or group of people in New Zealand are welcomed to apply to Tindall funding, however we would encourage any Adventist churches or organisations seeking funding to apply through our Community Transformation Partnerships (CTP) programme.

Applying for Funding

Before applying for Tindall Foundation Funding, it is important to understand the initiative that are/aren’t funded. Tindall Funded projects focus on three main areas – Family/WhanauCommunity, and Environment. Your project will need to focus on one of these aspects in your local community. For more specific information on what projects The Tindall Foundation does and doesn’t fund, please refer to their website.

After gaining a deeper understanding about what is/isn’t funded, we would encourage you to fill out the form below and submit your application to [email protected].

Download Tindall Funding Application Form

The Tindall Foundation has released their annual report for 2018/19. You can learn more about the amazing impact the Tindall Foundation is making in partnership with ADRA and a wide range of other New Zealand organisations.

Read Annual Report