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At ADRA, we value your opinion, your responses will help the team at ADRA to impact and increase the communication we have with you! Please take 5-minutes to fill in the survey below: 


3 Comments on “Survey Response

  1. Maybe the one person we can help will be able to reach many more.
    The world’s disasters & problems are overwhelming, it seems we will never be able to help as many as we want.
    The Lord will multiply our best efforts.

  2. The questionaire that I handed out at church was the same as this and it asked for the response to be mailed back to you in the reply paid envelope. There was no envelope included. If it had been part of the of the questionaire and when folded and taped closed, it showed your address it could then be posted to you. People would have been able to complete it after church and post later.
    Folk will just put it in the bin and you will have wasted the cost of printing and distribution and I will have wasted my time ensuring that every member through the door got a copy.
    Please put a bit more thought into your future information gathering projects.

  3. I would like to help as many people as possible who are less well off than me. I hope they appreciate it and help others.

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