End of Tax Year Appeal

Your gift today will ensure that mothers like Angela have access to the resources they need to improve their income and provide the best life for their children.

Give before the 31st of March 2023 to reclaim a third of your gift back! Help mother’s like Angela keep their children from going hungry this tax-time.

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You can make a donation using a credit card over the phone. Please call 0800 499 911, and one of our team members will assist you with this process.

Bank Transfer

You can deposit funds directly into ADRA New Zealand’s bank account.
Name: ADRA New Zealand
Acc No: 03-0175-0195559-01

Please provide your name as a reference, if you have not given before, please contact us by phone or email with your details before making the deposit so that we are able to provide a tax receipt.

Reclaim your gift

What this means for you

You can claim donation tax credits from IRD of a third of your overall gift, meaning that if you have donated $150 over this past year, you can reclaim $50.

In April 2023, you will receive a consolidated receipt from ADRA that contains all donations you have made in the past tax year, including any you make before March 31.

How to reclaim your third

To reclaim a third of your donation, you will need to either submit your receipt online, or submit a physical copy of a Tax credit claim form to IRD. More information available here. If you choose, you can then donate your tax rebate back to ADRA to make your gift go even further and help create a future free from poverty for even more families.

How your gift can help

Angela's Story

Angela worked hard every day to provide a good life for her son, but without opportunities to grow her income, it was never enough. She was forced to skip meals and school fees became more difficult to pay.

Because someone like you cared, Angela received the support she needed to earn a better income!

“If ADRA has not come, we would not have enough to pay for my siblings or sons education, we also wouldn’t have enough food in our home.”

Angela no longer worries about not having enough food for her son. Her dream is for all children and families in her village to never go hungry again.

Read her full story here.