Special Occasions

Gift your special Occasion

Mark a special occasion in your life by making a life-changing difference for someone living in need. Ask your friends and family to make a donation and raise funds to help alleviate poverty for children, families and communities.

Give your birthday
Celebrate your birthday. Another year, and another opportunity to make a difference for someone else.
Give your Birthday

Give your wedding
Celebrate your wedding. Create a world where more people get to experience love and joy and freedom.
Give your Wedding

Give in memory
Celebrate in memory. Give in memory of someone else to celebrate how they lived their life and blessed others through doing so.
Give in Memory

Give your special occasion.
Celebrate your special occasion. Whatever it is you want to celebrate, you can do so alongside ADRA and raise funds to make a life-changing difference.
Give your Special Occasion

Thank you for celebrating with ADRA and changing the lives of children, families and communities in poverty. If you need any further support, please contact the team at ADRA today.