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Responding to COVID-19

Helping when it's needed most

ADRA is working in India, Nepal, and Papua New Guinea to provide urgent help to communities overwhelmed by the spread of COVID-19. Your help today will ensure we can better protect vulnerable communities. Please help by donating today.

Our Response in India

A deadly surge in COVID-19 infections is causing devastation across India, with millions of newly reported infections and a death toll that has rapidly surpassed 200,000 people. The country’s healthcare system is already overwhelmed and the crisis is only getting worse.

ADRA is escalating its COVID-19 response within India to help support hospitals and healthcare workers to save lives by providing critical oxygen resources to hospitals, supporting local clinic staff, promoting preventive measures, and providing vital personal protective equipment to frontline medical staff.

ADRA is working on the ground to:
  • Establish an on-site oxygen generator to provide COVID-19 patients with a secure and constant source of oxygen
  • Deliver PPE to frontline healthcare workers
  • Set up COVID-19 vaccine camps
  • Team up with mental health facilities to offer psycho-social support through counselling and community awareness

Our Response in Nepal

ADRA is helping people affected by COVID-19 in Nepal. Activities in Nepal include:
  • Swab Collection training for Laboratory workers
  • Supplying emergency equipment to hospitals and birthing centres
  • Raising awareness of preventative measures
  • Encouraging hand washing and other hygienic practices to stop the spread

Our Response in Papua New Guinea

And while the eyes of the world are on India right now, our neighbours in Papua New Guinea are also struggling to cope with the influx of COVID-19 cases.
Our team in PNG needs your help to ramp up their response to COVID-19. Your support can:
  • Provide hand washing facilities for eight health facilities
  • Train clinical staff in COVID-19 safe practices and promotion of vaccines

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