Let Love Shine

2021 ADRA Appeal

Let Love Shine by helping vulnerable families overcome poverty and hardship.

Your donation today will help families right here in New Zealand and around the world. Your gift can let love shine when it’s needed most!

Community Dining

MJ's Story

MJ is a solo mum of five children from Auckland. 

She felt stuck in an unhealthy relationship and afraid to leave. She experienced depression and found herself in a dark place, feeling alone and hopeless. 

MJ was invited to attend Community Dining. An ADRA outreach programme where she and her children could attend, eat for free and spend time with other people. 

She felt safe and free to be herself. Through accessing a network of support she was able to make connections and feel part of a community. With time, she was able to leave an unsafe environment. 

She and her children now love coming to community dining and know they will be safe and supported. 

Your support today can help more people like MJ overcome hardship, let love shine by giving today.

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Pictured: MJ