Love Thy Neighbour

ADRA's Response to COVID-19

Love thy Neighbour (as thyself) is known as the golden rule throughout the bible. It encourages us to show love to all those around us, our neighbours. ADRA is acting on this verse, and encouraging you, and all our supporters to do the same.

During lockdown measures in response to COVID-19, many people lost their jobs, or at least a part of their income. The financial burden compounded with stress about health and uncertainty during unprecedented times was difficult for many. During this time it was important for us to show our neighbours love which is why we committed to helping 1000 kiwi families in need.

During our initial response, we helped over 1100 kiwi families throughout the country by distributing essentials such as food packs, mobile phone top-ups, and grocery gift cards.

We have worked with a network of volunteers in Adventist churches throughout New Zealand who have helped to identify families in need in their local community and directly connect and care for those families with ADRAs support.

We recognise that even after higher levels of lockdown, many families are still struggling as a result of COVID-19. This is why we are committed to continuing our response by providing even more families with essentials such as food packs and warm clothes during winter.

We will continue to use our network of volunteers and update our supporters about our ongoing Love Thy Neighbour response.

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