Leaving Kids Behind for a Better Life

Mau is a man who was filled with joy after recieving a life-changing gift from ADRA because of someone like you.

Mau spent his life working in the rice fields, finding labour wherever possible. Despite his hard work, he was unable to provide for his two children. He and his wife were planning to find better work overseas. This meant leaving their children behind with their grandparents – a difficult decision many parents from his village face. The decision to leave your children behind in your home country to look for work so that they can live a better life is a heartbreaking choice that we believe no parent should ever have to face.

Through an ADRA project, Mau was contracted to help install latrines and tanks for his village. ADRA aims to empower communities through offering local employment opportunities where possible. For Mau, this gave him the capital, confidence, and experience he needed to start his own business.

Mau now makes a stable income by transporting goods for others and his wife runs a small shop at their gate.

The steel taps and latrines his community received also gave his family clean water meaning they get sick less often. Not having to collect water means they can now spend more time working, attending school, doing chores and spending time together.

This life-changing gift has brought an abundance of joy into Mau’s life. The stable income means that Mau and his wife are able to stay with their children and help them grow up. They have also been able to rebuild their house. Their old house was little more than a shack with a dirt floow that would often flood or produce dust, giving the children more respiratory illnesses. Now, the family live in a new house high above the ground… and they are much healthier.

There are many more people just like Mau who are living in poverty or hardship. It was someone just like you who donated the latrines and tap stands that changed Mau and his family’s’ life and right now you can do the same. Give a life-changing gift that will bring joy to someone else.