ADRA Leaders

We Need Leaders like you!

ADRA is looking for dedicated volunteers to join us in helping families overcome poverty and disadvantage by advocating for and representing ADRA in their church.

As an ADRA leader, we want you to engage your church with ADRA by promoting different projects and events and advocating for a positive cause.  ADRA leaders will have access to all our resources, receive special updates and receive an ADRA welcome pack.

The ADRA Leader will need to believe in ADRA’s mission of serving humanity so all may live as God intended – free from poverty and injustice.
The ADRA Leader is the key point of communication between the church and ADRA.
We are looking for at least one individual from every Adventist church in New Zealand to volunteer as an ADRA leader.

ADRA Leaders use their time and influence to work with their church leaders and community to share resources and information about ADRA. ADRA will work to support you by providing all the resources you need to get started in your welcome pack.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the ADRA team or fill in the form below to apply.