Disaster Relief

Our Emergency Responses

Moldova Refugee Response

ADRA is working in Moldova to support arriving Ukrainian refugees. Moldova has received more than 468,000 refugees, with a significant number of these being children. ADRA is providing educational support, including language classes, to refugee children, providing them with the support and skill development they will need to integrate into the local school system. We are also providing children’s playgrounds that build social inclusion and connect families.

Pakistan Floods

Heavy seasonal rainfall and consequent floods across several major geographic areas of Pakistan, including Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, have so far killed 937 people, including 343 children, and left 33 million people homeless. Severe food shortages, lack of shelter, contaminated drinking water and hazardous travel will result in ongoing hardship for families, women and children.

ADRA is currently assessing the needs but is responding immediately by providing food packages to vulnerable families and establishing safe drinking water distribution points.

Ukraine Response

ADRA is working with our team in Ukraine to provide urgent humanitarian aid including water, food, shelter, blankets and clothing. We are also working with our ADRA teams in surrounding countries, including Poland, Romania and Hungary, as they respond to the needs of incoming refugees. According to the United Nations, at least 12 million people have fled their homes since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Afghanistan Crisis

In 2021, drought, conflict, high inflation and COVID-19 have gripped the already struggling country forcing even more people to become displaced and hungry. Today, one in three Afghans are experiencing CRISIS levels of food insecurity.

ADRA is responding by equipping women, children and internally displaced with food and heating, helping those most vulnerable stay warm, healthy and survive the harsh Afghan winter.

Deadly disasters often strike without warning.

With a strong global presence in over 100 countries, ADRA is well-placed to help in times of need. When people need us, we’re already there.

Your gift to our Disaster Relief Fund helps us provide immediate disaster relief when disasters, like those listed above, strike. Your gift also helps to provide long-term recovery and disaster risk reduction activities in the aftermath.

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