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Our Emergency Responses

Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea

Mt Ulawun erupted on Monday 21st November, families have been evacuated from their homes and are without adequate access to food, clean water and sanitary facilities. ADRA is responding by distributing food and water kits. We’re also providing a local community that has been most impacted with 8 latrines, handwashing basins and solar lights, giving families access to toilets and clean water while away from their homes.

Cyclone in Vanuatu

A devastating cyclone has swept through the island nation of Vanuatu. The category 3 cyclone has destroyed homes leaving many in need of shelter. Many fruit trees were wiped out, affecting families that rely on the fruits for both food and income. ADRA is on the ground responding. We’re distributing hygiene and shelter kits to help those       most affected recover and rebuild.

Somalia Drought and Famine

There is currently a severe drought throughout Africa, with food less accessible/affordable, millions of families are already struggling with numbers expected to soar in the coming months. 

ADRA is responding by helping vulnerable families in Somalia. We’re distributing monthly cash vouchers to enable families to purchase their greatest needs. This allows them to access food such as beans, rice, oil and other basic necessities.

Afghanistan Earthquakes

In the space of a week, the Herat province was stuck by three 6.3 magnitude earthquakes on October 7, 11, and 15. There are currently over 106,000 people in need of urgent food and over 64,000 people need emergency shelter to withstand the harsh winter conditions.

ADRA has dispatched an emergency response team to the affected areas. ADRA is working with the United Nation’s OCHA to coordinate our response to ensure maximum impact. We are responding by providing food relief and items like blankets.

Armenian Refugee Crisis

On September 19, a military operation in Nahorno-Karabakh forced 100,670 Armenians to leave the conclave. One month on, the United Nations has urged the international community to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to those displaced by the crisis. The greatest needs have been identified as food, shelter, and mental health support.

ADRA is working on distributing food relief and goods such as hygiene kits.

Morocco Earthquake

In the late hours of Friday 8 September, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco 70km south-west of Marrakesh. The death toll currently sits at over 2,900.

This is considered the most powerful earthquake in a century in this region. Fatalities are expected to rise as the number of people trapped under collapsed buildings is unknown. Local authorities have identified emergency s​​​​​helter, water and sanitation, and healthcare as the greatest needs.

ADRA has deployed an Emergency Response Team to the affected areas and is working to provide assistance to the most vulnerable, in collaboration with ADRA Spain and local partners.

ADRA is on the ground responding. Your donation today provides immediate and long-term assistance to people and communities affected by natural disasters, famines, civil conflicts, and other catastrophic events, including the response in Morocco.

Earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria

In the early hours of Monday 6 February, a 7.8 magnitude tremor struck Türkiye (formerly Turkey) near the city of Gaziantep. The death toll across Türkiye and Syria currently sits at over 3,400 and the World Health Organisation estimates the number of fatalities is expected to reach 20,000 people. The greatest needs have been identified as shelter, healthcare, food and non-food items.

ADRA Syria has established two shelters in local schools in Aleppo, and has also provided 800 people in a shelter in Latakia with drinking water, cash vouchers, and blankets.

The team is working to establish additional provisional shelters in schools and will begin repairing water and sanitation facilities.

Your donation today is providing those affected with shelter, food, water, blankets and flashlights. 
You can find out more details of our response here.

Moldova Refugee Response

ADRA is working in Moldova to support arriving Ukrainian refugees. Moldova has received more than 468,000 refugees, with a significant number of these being children. ADRA is providing educational support, including language classes, to refugee children, providing them with the support and skill development they will need to integrate into the local school system. We are also providing children’s playgrounds that build social inclusion and connect families.

Ukraine Response

ADRA is working with our team in Ukraine to provide urgent humanitarian aid including water, food, shelter, blankets and clothing. We are also working with our ADRA teams in surrounding countries, including Poland, Romania and Hungary, as they respond to the needs of incoming refugees. According to the United Nations, at least 12 million people have fled their homes since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Deadly disasters often strike without warning.

With a strong global presence in over 100 countries, ADRA is well-placed to help in times of need. When people need us, we’re already there.

Your gift to our Disaster Relief Fund helps us provide immediate disaster relief when disasters, like those listed above, strike. Your gift also helps to provide long-term recovery and disaster risk reduction activities in the aftermath.

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