Your gift can provide mothers like Sophea with the training and resources they need to overcome hardship and give their family a brighter future.

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Sophea is determined to give her children a bright future. A tragic road accident and fourteen months in hospital forced her family to take on debt, entrapping them deeper into the cycle of poverty.

Without a stable income, Sophea’s family would be forced to sell their land and leave their community in search of work.

By equipping mothers with the skills and resources they need to earn a steady income, they can create thriving businesses, overcome debt and poverty, and look forward to a brighter future.

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Sophea's Story

Sophea was only one more bad season away from losing her home.

A life-changing motorcycle accident sent Sophea to hospital; unable to work and facing growing debt she felt uncertain about her family’s future.

Without an income she would be forced to sell her farm and home, her children may need to leave school and their entire family may need to migrate in search of work.

Sophea’s future looked bleak.

Through your support, Sophea received tools, training, and support to grow her income. She has been able to pay her entire debt, and her farm is now flourishing.

Through ADRA’s support, Sophea’s life was transformed! She went from worrying about debt, to saving for her future. Your support today can give other families like Sophea’s a brighter future. Read her full story here.