Freedom from Poverty

Create a future free from poverty

Give the gift that gives back

You can reclaim a third of any gift donated to ADRA before the 31st of March 2021. Your gift will ensure families like Maria’s can create a future free from poverty.

Reclaim your gift

What this means for you

You can claim donation tax credits from IRD of a third of your overall gift, meaning that if you have donated $150 over this past year, you can reclaim $50.

In April 2021, you will receive a consolidated receipt from ADRA that contains all donations you have made in the past tax year, including any you make before March 31.

How to reclaim your third

To reclaim a third of your donation, you will need to either submit your receipt online, or submit a physical copy of a Tax credit claim form to IRD.

More information available here.

If you choose, you can then donate your tax rebate back to ADRA to make your gift go even further and help create a future free from poverty for even more families.

How your gift can help

Maria's Story

“In 1975 I fled the village and ran into the forest because of the war. When I was fleeing I got a wound on my leg. It started small but grew over time. Years later, I was taken to Dili where they cut off my leg. Otherwise, I would have died from the infection.

It was difficult to earn money because of my leg. Paying for my children’s school was very difficult. Before, when we had to fetch water from the river, we felt heavy-hearted…” 

Everything changed when ADRA came to Maria’s village. ADRA provided clean water sources and agricultural training which has helped Maria double her crop yield and allowed her to flourish.

“Now water is close. We can plant a garden near our house so we feel good.” Maria is excited about her future. 

Maria’s husband Florinda shared “After the harvest, we sell some of the vegetables and keep some at home to eat. When we get the money from selling the vegetables I am happy because we can save some, we can put some into the savings group ADRA started, and we can use some to pay for the children’s school.”

Through ADRA’s support, Maria’s life was transformed! She went from worrying about keeping her children in school, to saving for her future. Your support today can help others like Maria create a future from poverty. Read her full story here.