Active August School Challenge

Get your school moving for change

We’re encouraging all schools to host a fun run or walk in August 2023 and help students get active and make a positive impact on the world!

Children living in poverty walk long distances daily to access essentials such as water, food, a toilet or place to bathe, and even school. 

Involving your school in the Active August challenge gives students an opportunity to learn about humanitarian and development work and be empowered to make a real difference while participating in a health and fitness challenge. 

It’s a great opportunity to help students:

  • Get active and moving!
  • Learn about poverty and development
  • Feel empowered to make a positive impact in the world
  • Provides opportunity for School Ambassadors to organise a fundraising event*
  • Connect with a community in preparation for a Connections trip*

You can choose the distance and we’ll help your school and students promote and fundraise to help vulnerable families in need through ADRA.

What's Involved?

For Students

If you’re interesting in hosting an Active August event at your school, we encourage you to talk to a teacher! If your school is unable to participate, you can also sign up with your family online today. 

For Teachers

A teacher will need to contact our team or fill in the form below with their details. Our team will then reach out and organize any resources needed to help you run a successful event at your school. We can also provide videos, stories, and a speaker to share with students about the impact their running/walking will be making. 

Setting you up to win!

ADRA is excited to partner with your school to make an amazing change through the Active August event! We anticipate this NEW venture to continue to grow and develop as we learn from each other!

We are committed to providing useful and meaningful resources to enable the ADRA story to be shared with the school and support your Active August event.

Still have questions?

We’re here to help! You can get in contact with ADRA by calling 0800 499 911, or emailing [email protected] at any time.

Register your school today

After submitting your details, an ADRA team rep will be in touch with you about your next steps. Thanks for making a difference!

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