Disaster Risk Reduction

Preparing for Disaster

Disasters can have a devastating impact on lives, homes, and communities.

The best thing that can be done in preparation for disasters, is disaster risk reduction. 

Disaster risk reduction is about identifying hazards and making wise decisions and plans to prepare for disasters.

October 13 is International disaster risk reduction day, and this years theme is: #AllAboutGovernance. 

The better governance and planning, the less risk people have when a disaster strikes.

Below are a range of images and ideas that we encourage you to think about and consider. Let’s encourage good governance and planning which can help save lives in emergency situations.

It's all about governance

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ADRA responds to emergencies around the world, but we also implement disaster risk reduction plans in our projects in preparation for disasters. We preposition emergency supplies, implement evacuation plans, and if we need to rebuild homes after disasters, we ensure they are build back stronger. 

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