Committed Giving

Be compelled by what you believe in

Create a life-changing difference for children, women and men living in poverty.

At ADRA, we believe in Justice, Compassion and Love. We recognize that these beliefs guide us towards the work that we do. We are driven by justice to give all people an equal chance at life, we are inspired by compassion to respond to those living in poverty and we are compelled by love to serve humanity. What’s amazing about these beliefs is that they manifest through action and are seen in the day-to-day work of ADRA.

All over the world our programmes are characterised by being there when people need us to help them achieve the best for their future. Whether it is through providing access to clean water, developing secure livelihoods or helping during a time of disaster, we work to help people and give them a hand up out of the cycle of poverty.

By becoming an ADRA committed giver today, you will be helping ensure that together, we can continue to make a life-changing impact in the lives of those that need it most.

Stand with us in this mission and be compelled by what you believe to bring Justice, Compassion and Love. Your commitment will help people thrive!

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