Chum’s Story

Chum (52) and her husband Heang, once worked hard on their rice field to help make ends meet for their family. 7 years ago, Chums eyesight started to fail and she slowly turned blind. They decided to sell their rice field to pay for a treatment to restore Chum’s vision, the treatment did not work.

Chum and Heang take care of their two grandsons (aged 3 and 5) as their daughter migrated to Thailand to find work. Every month, their daughter will send them $15, although this is not enough and during seasons where she is unable to find work, Chum and Heang take to the streets to beg.

Chum 2

Chum, Heang and their Grandsons outside their home. 

There were times when the family did not have enough to eat and would go hungry instead. The two boys would get sick often as a result of this compounded with no safe water supply and spend days at home sick with either fever or diarrhoea. This stressful situation resulted in a drinking problem for Heang who felt overwhelmed and depressed by the situation he had found himself living in.

Heang helping Chum.

Through an ADRA project, Chum and Heang received a small chicken coop with chicks and a rooster. They are able to use the eggs and the chickens as both food and income. During the months that their daughter is unable to send money, they have the chicken coop as a secure source of food and no longer need to beg on the street.

This chicken coop provided hope for both Chum and Heang. Heang now prioritizes his time with his wife and grandsons and spends time caring for them. He now spends his days walking the boys to preschool, looking after Chum and fishing to provide more food for his family.

The family is now eating well and have since gotten access to a latrine and water tank. Access to better food and clean water means the young boys no longer get sick and can spend their time at preschool learning and growing.

Chums Grandson
Chum’s grandson collecting clean water from a water tank.

Through having access to basic needs such as clean water, food and income has made a life-changing difference for everyone in the family. ADRA works using multi-faceted approaches to ensure the needs of people living in poverty are met in a holistic and empowering way that creates life-lasting change.