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Your gift enables family’s like Sarmouen’s to recieve the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to break the cycle of poverty and give the next generation a brighter future and bigger opportunities!

Sarmouen's Story

More than anything else, Sarmouen wants his boys to finish school. Like you and me, he understands that education is the key to a brighter future, and he was determined to give his children access to this better life he dreamed of.

To his sons, Sarmouen is a hero! Sarmouen has two sons, Ra (9), and Satape (3), who love and admire their dad. However, they are still too young to realise how hard their father works, how tired he is after a long day in the field, and how much pain he is in while working.

This dream was almost lost in an instant when Sarmouen was in a life-changing motorcycle accident. He had been transporting his crops to sell at the local market when he collided with an oncoming car. His left leg was badly injured.

Already in poverty, the family could not afford to send him to a hospital to recover. Instead he returned home with medicine to manage the pain of an untreated broken leg…

Because he could not afford to go to hospital, his leg never healed properly. To this day, he is still in pain every time he walks. He cannot work long hours like he used to. He couldn’t plant or harvest as much as he could before the accident and wasn’t able to make as much income for his family.

Through our generous donors and ADRA’s ongoing work in Cambodia, ADRA provided Sarmouen with tools and training so that he could earn a better income!

He received seeds, fertilizer, and tools. His crops were more profitable at the market and he was able to earn a better income without overworking his leg.

Through ADRA’s support, Sarmouen’s life was changed! He went from worrying about keeping his children in school, to saving for his family’s future. Your support today can help others like Sarmouen create a brighter future free from poverty. Read his full story here.