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Without accessible health services and social support, Hana was excluded from her community and unable to access essential facilities. Unable to see, Hana was often left alone at home and required full-time care from her aging Grandmother.

Your gift before October 30 can provide people with disabilities, just like Hana, with the essential health facilities and opportunities they need to improve their wellbeing.

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The Difference you can make

Hana's Story

Hana was scared to walk around her village alone. Without her eyesight to guide her, she depended on her aging Grandmother for assistance in accessing basic health facilities.

Before ADRA came to her village, she had never been asked by her community what her needs were. 

She often felt forgotten, isolated, and lonely. 

ADRA came to her village and encouraged her involvement when asking what the community needs were. Together the community recognised the need for accessible health facilities.

Now, Hana has access to the community health facility that ADRA provided. The ramps and rails means she can access the area any time without needing the help of a guide. 

Your support is changing the lives of people just like Hana – thank you!

Pictured: Hana and her Grandmother