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UPDATE on ADRA’s Ukraine Response: April 16

ADRA Poland has been involved in helping Ukraine since the first hours of the conflict. ADRA Poland is active both in Poland, helping refugees, and in Ukraine, where they are providing humanitarian aid.

Almost every day a bus goes to Lviv, delivering:

🥪 Food
🛁 Hygiene items
👕 Clothes
🧵 Blankets

On the way back to Poland the bus takes people who are fleeing from places occupied by war activities. So far, they have delivered 50 tonnes of humanitarian aid and over 1,500 people!

One of the minibuses carrying essential supplies

This activity is ongoing. At the same time, ADRA Poland have noticed “white spots” in humanitarian aid. These are primarily smaller towns where help is rarely received due to lack of constant communication. To give them equal access to relief efforts, ADRA Poland purchased 9-person minibuses that will reach the most needy.

The first minibus arrived in a secluded town on March 18.

This project is implemented in collaboration with partners, including you! To continue to support ADRA’s Ukraine Crisis support, donate at

Thank you 🙏 Every amount makes a difference!


UPDATE on ADRA’s Ukraine Response: April 8

Distribution of humanitarian aid in the town of Nieżyn in the Chernihowski region of Ukraine.

Lying at the border with Belarus is one of the cities where the toughest battles have been taking place until recently. Last week, the city was surrounded by Russian troops. For many days it was under the fire of artillery and there was also an air attack. The municipal power plant was completely destroyed. The mayor of the city alarmed that Chernihowski was on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.


A family in Nieżyn receives ADRA assistance


The situation in the region has improved, although there is no electricity, gas, water, and heating in many cities until today. Our humanitarian transport as one of the first arrived to the town of Nieżyn immediately after the withdrawal of Russian troops.


Thank you for your support so far! Thanks to your commitment, we can always provide food, water and other necessary resources to those affected by the war, especially those who are trapped in the ruined, cut off from the world towns across Ukraine.


UPDATE on ADRA’s Ukraine Response: April 6

ADRA Ukraine operates in Mukachevo, as well as on the border with Slovakia.

One of the offices of ADRA Ukraine is based in Mukachevo, Zakarpattia region. There are two warehouses here where humanitarian aid is shipped from all over the world on a regular basis. Every day with the joint efforts of the ADRA team and volunteers, the cargo is packed and delivered throughout Ukraine to help the most vulnerable in places where military operations are still ongoing.

In Mukachevo, food kits are distributed to citizens and personal hygiene kits can be obtained at the locations of where people have been internally displaced.

Food kits are also being handed out to people standing in long lines at the Uzhhorod-Vyshne-Nemetske checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Slovak border.


ADRA is helping those who have been forced to leave their homes and move to safer places.

Please note: ADRA Ukraine is working with their local contacts to receive and distribute supplies. ADRA is not accepting or helping to coordinate the shipping of donated goods. For more information on the best way to help in a crisis, visit

UPDATE on ADRA’s Ukraine Response: March 4

ADRA is a global organisation, and nowhere is this more evident than during our response to a crisis. We have humanitarians from all over the world coming together to support our team in Ukraine and all those affected by this conflict.

As thousands of people flee Ukraine every day in search of safety, ADRA teams in countries around the conflict zone are continuously evaluating their response to best reach every person.

🇵🇱 In Poland: Poland is currently receiving the greatest number of refugees from Ukraine. ADRA humanitarians are meeting refugees with packages including hygiene items.

humanitarians are meeting refugees with packages including hygiene items.

A refugee welcome site with supplies

ADRA has also begun organising psycho-social support for incoming refugees, as well as coordinating with the local Adventist church in securing accommodations for displaced persons.

🇸🇰 In Slovakia: ADRA teams in Slovakia are working with partners to support refugees at the border with basic needs such as psycho-social support and refreshments. They have also partnered with the local Adventist church to provide accommodations for refugees.

🇭🇺 In Hungary: ADRA in Hungary has established a contact point for refugees at the border and coordinated with the local Adventist church to provide temporary housing. They are also coordinating the delivery of essential items to west Ukraine.

Temporary housing for refugees organised by ADRA and the Adventist church

🇷🇴 In Romania: ADRA teams have established five permanent reception stands for refugees at separate border locations. They have coordinated accommodations for refugees with the local Adventist church and have the capacity to accommodate over 2,500 people. ADRA is providing food, hygiene, and clothing items to displaced persons, as well a psycho-social support and medical assistance. Additionally, ADRA recently completed its second humanitarian convoy into Ukraine with emergency supplies.

The second convoy from Romania into Ukraine carrying essential supplies

🇺🇦 In Ukraine: From the beginning of this conflict, ADRA, in partnership with the local Adventist Church, has been providing assistance and aid to people in Ukraine. Amongst other things, ADRA’s response in Ukraine includes:

-Housing IDPs in Adventist churches
-Helping transport individuals in transit to safety
-Providing supplies to shelters and churches housing displaced people

An ADRA humanitarian passing out essentials

Please keep the committed humanitarians serving refugees and IDPs in your prayers. If you are able to give, you can do so at