Elvira's Story

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For Elvira and her son Ancieto, their closest water source, the river, was almost half an hour away. Every morning, they would wake early to collect water. Together, they would carry as much water as their bodies could take back home. But even after all their efforts, the water wasn’t clean. “When we took water from the river we had to boil it first,” Elvira says. “If not, we would get sick.”

This lack of access to clean water affected all aspects of their life. Aniceto was often late to school or would miss school altogether because he was collecting water instead.

“I send my children to school because I want them to have a good future,” says Elvira. “But because the water was far away from our house, my children got punished by the teacher for being late.”

Life carried on this way for years until ADRA began working in the area.

With help from ADRA, a water pump was installed within twenty metres of Elvira’s house, saving the family time and restoring their health.

“I am happy because we don’t need to go far to fetch water. The water is near our house,” says Elvira. “We don’t get sick when we drink the water because the water is clean.”

For Aniceto, this means less time collecting water and more time in school. “Water is close now so I can take a bath and I am not late to school anymore,” he says.

Further, access to water is ensuring Elvira and her family has a source of income. Now, their family garden is plentiful.

Elvira nursery

“Before we couldn’t plant vegetables, but now, we have water close by so we can plant vegetables for our food,” says Elvira. “Each day we sell some, and we eat some.”

Although life for her family has improved, Elvira is concerned for the wellbeing of others in the community. “Many people do not have water like this,” she says. “In other places, no one has yet drilled water like what we have here. Some other people also want to have water, but they have no water source.”

Elvira’s life has been transformed through your help in partnership with ADRA. However, Elvira fears for many others who still struggle with poverty, sickness and lack of dignity.

Your donation by March 31 will bring water and sanitation facilities close to families so they can escape the trap of poverty. Visit adra.org.nz/transform or call 0800 499 911 to give.