Pray for Change

Prayer is powerful and an important part of our ministry.

Around New Zealand thousand of people like you are joining together to pray for people suffering poverty and distress. Every month ADRA New Zealand asks our Prayer Team to think about, reflect on and pray for our work and the people we are working for. Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping ADRA in your prayers.  We appreciate it so much and know God is leading our agency.  Everyday we have a lot to be thankful for – you, our passionate, loyal and incredible supporters have completely blown us away!

If you would like to keep ADRA in your prayers, register online online and become part of our prayer team so that we are able to provide prayer requests, support, and keep you in our prayers. Let’s join together in prayer and make a difference.

Prayer Requests:  

-Growth: of our work overseas and our many volunteers who support our ministry week in and week out.
-Fiji: Please continue to pray for the families affected by Cyclone Winston and the ADRA teams continuing to provide assistance. 
-Leadership: Join the team at ADRA as we pray for God’s guidance during a time of change in leadership for the ADRA New Zealand team.
-National programmes: With many churches implementing national projects throughout the country, please pray for their success in changing the lives of people within their communities. 

 Thank you for your prayers and for supporting ADRA. God is leading ADRA’s ministry and we are excited to see where he directs us!

If you’d like more information about our prayer requests please contact the team at ADRA New Zealand.