Workplace Giving

Workplace giving allows you to donate money to charities like ADRA directly from your pay.


What to do

If your employer offers payroll giving and want to donate to ADRA New Zealand, you need to give your employer:

  • the name of the organisation you’ll be donating to (ADRA New Zealand)
  • how much you want to donate each pay
  • how often you want to donate (eg one-off, every pay, every second pay — your employer may have their own rules here).

What happens when you get paid

Your employer will calculate your donation and take it out of your wages before they pay you.

They’ll also calculate your tax credit (33.33 cents for each dollar you donate) and take this amount off your PAYE for that pay.


If your pay is $2,140 a month before tax and you donate $12:

  1. your usual PAYE would have been $435.48
  2. your tax credit is 33.33% of $12.00, so $3.99
  3. your adjusted PAYE will be $431.49 — so your take-home pay, after tax and your donation, will be $1,696.51.

You won’t get a receipt – but you don’t have to claim the donations at the end of the year, since the tax credit is instant. You can still make an annual claim using Inland Revenue’s tax credit claim form (IR526) for other donations you make outside of your pay.

For more information on individual employee giving, or establishing your own corporate Workplace Giving Program, please email us or contact us on (09) 625 0888 and ask for our donor relations office. For more information on the latest Workplace Giving, please see Philanthropy NZ.