Welcome Baby

The Welcome Baby programme helps vulnerable mothers by providing clothes for the first 12 months of a new baby’s life, as well as a gift pack of food or food vouchers to help new mothers eat well in the first months of motherhood, and providing them with access to parenting information. Welcome Baby is a great way to engage with young families in your community and ideal to learn other community needs that could lead to future community programmes.

As part of the programme, each mother will receive: 

  • A clothing pack catered specifically for newborns, 000, 00, and 0. These packs are to be returned and replaced with larger clothes every 3 months. There are additional packs for premature babies and 12 month old infants.
  • Church packs include waterproof mother care bags, knitted garments, blankets and a selection of pre-loved clothes. These may be distributed at any time during the programme as specific needs arise.
  • A mother-care food pack or Sanitarium Health Food voucher.
  • Information on parenting services in the area.
  • Information on community events at the local church (such as a playgroup or exercise group)
  • A contact card so the mother can stay in touch with key people from your local church who are involved in the programme.

To establish this programme a local church needs to:

  • Appoint a coordinator and at least two support people.
  • Liaise with a local hospital maternity ward, WINZ and local ECE/playgroups as well as local social services to inform them of your programme. Brochures are available from ADRA for this purpose.

While the supply of clothing is meeting the welfare needs of the family, there is an equally important feature of this programme, establishing a relationship with a mother or a family at an extremely vulnerable time in the life of the baby. It is the development of this connection that will become an important platform for this programme.


A 12 month Welcome Baby programme generally costs $9,000, but provides more than $15,000 of product. The cost may vary depending on the scope and number of people involved in the project. Through the Church Partnership programme, the costs are split three ways.

welcome baby cost
              The Conference                     $3,000
              Your Church                          $3,000
              ADRA                                      $3,000

              Total                                     $9,000 



This cost includes, a baby and mother pack, professional signage, storage containers, branded contact cards and washing powder among other items and service expenses. 

For more information on our Welcome Baby programme, click here.