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Vanuatu WASH: Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion and Resilience Building in Sanma and Penama 

Project Cost: $4,398,306
Project Length: 2015-2019

Access to clean water is never taken for granted in rural communities in Vanuatu, with many villages lacking safe, sustainable and secure water supplies, no sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices. This lack of clean water facilities result in poor health which does not only affect a person’s body, but also their ability to earn, attend to family duties and contribute to society. Sanma and Penama provinces have the second and third highest ranking for incidences of health related diseases in Vanuatu. Many of these diseases could be prevented through the use of a clean water supply. The Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion and Resilience Building Project aims to reduce the disease rate in these provinces by providing communities with safe water, sanitary hygiene facilities and education about safe hygiene practices. The project will impact 9,000 people!  

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