Volunteer in New Zealand

Volunteering can play an effective role in helping ADRA fulfill its mission of helping others. As a humanitarian organization we have the capability to assess situations and implement an approach that will benefit communities, for this reason ADRA New Zealand utilizes volunteers following needs assessments and in consultation with local ADRA Projects. 

Current Opportunities 

There are constantly opportunities to serve with ADRA in New Zealand, please click here to receive emails to keep updated as opportunities arise and to join our awesome team of wonderful volunteers dedicated to changing the world!


Across the country, ADRA New Zealand’s national projects are generously supported by committed volunteers who contribute their time, resources and skills to a variety of community projects and emergency relief initatives including ADRA Op Shop’s, ADRA Projects and Local Community Projects. If you would like to volunteer for a local ADRA project, please contact our National Program Manager – Evan Fray on (09) 625 0880.  For more information on how your church could get involved in a local project, click here. We look forward to working with you to making our communities a better place!


Disaster Response 

During times of disaster many compassionate people express their willingness to offer time and skills to help those that are affected by tragedy. In order to utilise this valuable human resource and help ADRA to respond to disasters as they occur, ADRA New Zealand is offering volunteers an opportunity to register their interest. ADRA New Zealand will then assess the skills offered by the volunteer and add them to a volunteer register as appropriate. At the time of an emergency volunteers can then be deployed as required, this process allows ADRA to respond efficiently as possible. To find out more about ADRA’s response to disasters and emergencies, click here!