Vanuatu Connections Trip

As an ADRA Connections volunteer you will be a set of lending hands to the local community.

ADRA will be constructing water tanks and toilets for this community.  Your team will assist ADRA with these activities. There will be digging, laying of pipes, construction of water tanks and building toilets for the school or households. Please note due to the date being in 2017 we cannot 100% guarantee the exact activity but closer to the time we can give more detailed information.

Your team will also be responsible for running a Kids Club for the children in the community. The purpose of the Kids Club will be to teach the local children sanitation and hygiene.  You can sing songs/play games that teach the children about washing your hands after the toilet, before you eat, brushing their teeth etc.

Cost: The Project costs for this trip are: $2,985* NZD per adult

Date: 1-11 October 2017*

*Both cost and dates are subject to change.

To express your interest or for any further queries, please contact the team at ADRA today!

Learn more about what’s included in your trip here!