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You can do a Connections Trip in any of these countries!


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What We Do:

  • Match you with a current, fitting, ADRA project which you and your group can add great value to.
  • Confirms that your dates work with the project. Wet season can change what you will do. 
    • Liaise and coordinates with the in-country ADRA office to fully plan your trip.
    • Organises your project and social activities based on your preferences. 
    • Organises transport from the day you arrive to the day you leave.
    • Establishes your trip itinerary and budget. 
    • Provides all your group members with an orientation prior to travelling and an induction once you arrive at the project site.
    • Provides a full-time trip guide to be with you throughout the duration of the trip.
    • Provides tools and resources to support you in your fundraising.
  • Provides you with access to travel insurance