A Jar of Water

Thach’s Story

Thach Thi Liem (58) moves slowly along the soil, each step causing more pain than the last. Rheumatoid arthritis has taken away her ability to work as hard as she once did. Lately, it has become difficult for Thach to make the journey to the nearby water supply. Reliant on the crops and at the mercy of the seasons, Thach cultivates the land as a source of both food and income, sometimes even making the difficult trip to fetch water to feed her crops. The Mekong River Delta region is not connected to a water supply plant, but rather harvest water from the rain. This rain water would be used the water to bathe in, clean clothes and dishes, cook food in and to drink, most basic needs were met through the rain water provided. Then one day, the rain stopped coming.

Saltwater intrusion ravaged the cultivatable land and many families lost their harvest. The drought continued as the water source dried. Families were forced to walk far distances to retrieve water for even the most basic of needs. Unable to make the journey herself, Thach relied on her daughter to make the long trip to collect the essential water needed for survival.

Thanks to supporters like you, Thach received a special water jar from ADRA which makes it easier for her daughter to collect and store water. Thach explains that without the water jar, the family would have struggled to collect enough water on a daily basis. Thank you for helping Thach and families like hers by providing a jar of water now overflowing with hope.  

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