Sahara Anae | International Programme Coordinator


I recently started in ADRA New Zealand in January 2016, moving from Melbourne Australia. This is my first time working in ADRA and an NGO body. I am a born and raised Samoan lady and speak and write both Samoan and English fluently. I studied for my 4 year Bachelor of Engineering at Unitec, Auckland New Zealand where I met my now husband Martin Anae (Multimedia Specialist) who was studying also at the time. We have a son Manuia (meaning Blessing in English) and a daughter Faith (meaning Fa’atuatua in Samoan).

My passion for the type of work that I now do in ADRA has been in me at a young age (24 to be exact) since starting out my engineering career in Samoa. So for 10 years or so, I had journeyed from the South Pacific to Asia Pacific working in different water utility companies, providing the people of these countries with water services through network planning, hydraulic modelling, design, construction, operation and maintenance. The experience was tremendous and I am forever grateful for this, however because I was providing services to people who already had access to everything and anything, the impact of giving to the vulnerable was always missing.

Then ADRA NZ came along and I can now say that I am the happiest I had ever been in my engineering career. Nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than using the talents and gifts that I have been blessed with to give back to others and to make a positive difference in the lives of the vulnerable and less fortunate. In ADRA, I can now see myself and this team/family of great beings serving for a great cause to make a difference in people’s lives; to my last breath. “We who are strong have an obligation to bear the weaknesses of those without strength. We must not just please ourselves.” – Romans 15:1