Today, approximately 70% of jobs require a current driver’s license. 

Pathways is our way of helping people get theirs! 

Pathways is a programme aimed at helping people gain the knowledge and skills to obtain their license. The programme can be run by your local church, Pathway facilitators will provide one three hour training session and will provide people with a range of resources needed to help get their licence. 

This will not only increase their chances with job opportunities but ensure that we are developing safe drivers on our roads and in our communities. 


The costs for the Pathways programme varies depending on the scope and number of people involved in the programme

Through the Church Partnership Programme, the costs are split three ways.

 The cost includes professional signage, branded uniforms for the church facilitators, course material for all participants and a budget for refreshments. 

For more information on our Pathways Programme,  click here.