Donate your tax rebate to ADRA

Every donation you have made to ADRA NZ in the last financial year has been recorded and a receipt has been sent to you. When you receive this you can use your donation receipt to claim a tax rebate of 33.33% of the value of your donations.
If you would like to donate your tax rebate to ADRA you would be enabling your gift you have already given to go even further.


1. Download the IR526 form
2. Boxes 1-9: complete with your details
3. Box 10: shows our details so that you can donate your rebate to ADRA NZ
4. Box 11: enter the amount you want to give to ADRA NZ
5. Sign and date your form
6. Attach your donation receipts to your form with a staple
7. Send your completed form with receipts to:

Inland Revenue
PO Box 39090
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045

8. Inland Revenue will send ADRA NZ your tax rebate donation


You can give all or part of your rebate to ADRA NZ
You can give your rebate to ADRA NZ even if your donations have been made to other charities
You can’t use the form for any Payroll Giving donations, as you receive an immediate tax rebate each time you make a Payroll donation
If you want a receipt for your tax rebate donation (so you can claim a rebate on this donation next year), please email or call us with your rebate details.

Check the IRD website for more information

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