From Somalia to Aotearoa

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My name is Fatima and I grew up in Mogadishu, Somalia. In 1990, the civil war rudely interrupted our lives and at the age of 11 my family was forced to flee Somalia with thousands of others. Leaving our homes was painful, but like many Somalis, we had lost all hope for our homeland and set out in desperate search for somewhere to live.

Our family found its way to New Zealand. I struggled through school and quit as early as I could because there was too much pressure on me from all of the problems I faced as a refugee.

Now as a mother, I struggle to provide the basics for my children. Then I heard about the sewing school run by the Somali Women’s Association with the support of ADRA and I completed the course which has changed my life. I love what I am doing right now –working with women from different ethnicities sewing a variety of items to sell. I always dreamed of sewing even when I was young. I now have more money to help my family also. Thank you ADRA, because your support has helped changed my life!

Thank you, because of your support ADRA has been able to help Fatima and other Somali women in Auckland.

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