Dream come true at 68

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Gayatri is a 68 year old woman from Chalaunepani, a remote part in Western Nepal. Her whole life she has been unable to read or write as her parents didn’t believe in sending her to school. According to Nepalese society, the role of the women is in the home so they invested what little they had into her brother instead.

By 16 years old she was married and within a year had her first child. When her son was 2 years old she helplessly watched her husband die. With her husband now gone, her burdening life of poverty became even more difficult. However, 2 years ago, things changed when she joined ADRA’s savings and loans group for women.

5am every morning they would meet and learn about heath, nutrition, literacy and establishing a small business. Part of being in the group allows for them to take out loans which are used to purchase sewing machines, goats and other income generating items. This changed her life for the better. “I’m an old women but I can now spell my name and count” says Gayatri.

Today she understands the importance of education and is now teaching her grandchildren how to read and write. “I am more confident now, I can also read and write a childhood dream I was forced to give up because I was born as a girl… my life was so hard and a struggle for so long, but with ADRA I made it.”

Thank you, because of your support we have been able to support Gayatri and other women like her in Nepal.

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