A Jar of Water

Thach’s Story Thach Thi Liem (58) moves slowly along the soil, each step causing more pain than the last. Rheumatoid arthritis has taken away her ability to work as hard as she once did. Lately, it has become… Read More

Alison’s Story

Born into a broken home, Alison* was used to facing life’s struggles alone, but as a solo mother of four Alison reached breaking point. She became heavily reliant on drugs and alcohol simply to get her through the… Read More

Rayna’s Story

Deep in Vanuatu’s rural PENAMA Province, hidden between trees lays a small stream. Throughout the day, many animals pass; wild cats and dogs cool down from the heat while cows drink from the stream. It is from this… Read More

Remember to wash your hands

“Oh, we forgot to wash our hands, quick, let’s do it!” This is exactly what the kids in Mot Ley’s village are saying today – and all thanks to you! Mot (pictured third from left below) remembers when… Read More

Syria Crisis: Five Years Later

    March 2016 marks fives years since the crisis in Syria began. Since then, extraordinary numbers of people have died as civil war rages and tears the country to pieces. Millions more have become refugees, strangers in their… Read More