ADRA Emergency Appeal: Vanuatu and Bangladesh

Recent large disasters have hit in both Vanuatu and Rohingya resulting in the displacement of thousands of families.  Right now in Vanuatu, ADRA is providing emergency water and sanitation kits to families who have had to evacuate their… Read More

OCTOBER APPEAL: Give It Up for Good

Be one of 500 incredible people this month to give something up so that they won’t go without.  In a world of excess children continue to go without – often with deadly consequences. Like you, we believe this… Read More

ADRA Charity Run – Be a Hero!

Sunday 26 November, Mission Bay Auckland – don’t miss out!

Sabina’s Famine

Three daughters, four sons and an ailing mother-in-law, these are all the mouths Sabina Mwende (56) worries about feeding on a daily basis. Compounding this anxiety is Sabina’s husband, who left to find work in November 2016, and… Read More

‘I have nothing to feed my family’: Famine, starvation crisis in East Africa

“I have nothing to feed my family,” Gedie says. She is a single mother of 8 children. As she sits inside her grass hut, she describes the urgency of her situation. Failed rains have caused her gardens to… Read More

Disaster Famine and Relief Offering

Trailbuster Hunua

Do you have what it takes to bust the trails of Hunua Falls? Take on the challenge and sign a team up today!

A Jar of Water

Thach’s Story Thach Thi Liem (58) moves slowly along the soil, each step causing more pain than the last. Rheumatoid arthritis has taken away her ability to work as hard as she once did. Lately, it has become… Read More

Thorn’s Story

After escaping from Pol Pot’s vicious regime in 1980, Thorn, and her daughter Chren have been living in Doung Chrom village, Cambodia. After her husband passed away, Thorn has struggled to make a living for her small family,… Read More

Kaikoura Earthquake: ADRA prepares response

Like you, our prayers have been with all the communities affected by last week’s earthquakes. We continue to pray for recovery and resilience throughout New Zealand.  ADRA has been in contact with Civil Defense and other responding agencies…. Read More