Emergency Response

ADRA is there to respond in emergency situations around the world. In disasters ADRA often focuses on providing emergency supplies to support vulnerable families, but will often remain behind after the disaster to support communities experiencing drastic change to help with recovery efforts. 

In many situations ADRA New Zealand will be involved in collecting funds for a network of global ADRA offices which are in a better position to provide direct support to the countries in need. Appeals made during this time will go directly to supporting the relief effort. 

In time of emergencies, we will have a form in place where you can make donations directly to where is most effected. 

For any developments on emergencies, you can access our latest publications and stories here, as well as through following our Facebook page. For more information on emergency response, contact the team at ADRA today.

For these responses ADRA NZ needs funds that are available immediately to meet the needs of people suffering as a result of the emergency.