Ways to Help

Adra supporters a group of people who are committed to furthering the cause of ADRA, not only prayerfully but financially and through the many gifts we have been blessed with – we could not achieve our mission without your contributions. We are excited to offer you a range of ways you can support us, and the great work being done all around the world. As our mission is growing, our needs do too, and we are constantly looking to grow this special group of people. See the below options for how you can support ADRA.

Donation Tax Exemption

ADRA New Zealand has tax-exempt status. Donations may be deducted from taxes. Tax deductibility is only for residents of New Zealand.

 To donate via direct deposit please use the account details below and confirm your donation by emailing adra.info@adra.org.nz or calling 0800 499 911

ADRA New Zealand – Account Number: 03-0175-0195559-00