Disaster Risk Reduction

There is the old saying: “prevention is better than cure.” Not all disasters can be prevented, but at least the impact they have on people can be significantly reduced.

ADRA NZ believes strongly that as much as possible should be done to make people safer, and more resilient to the effects of disasters. To achieve this ADRA NZ has developed programmes and training resources aimed at working with communities, enabling them to create a safer environment. ADRA’s role is to raise awareness and provide knowledge and skills to enable the people in a community to work together to reduce their exposure to potential disasters.

Many of the ADRA NZ supported disaster risk reduction programmes are integrated with development projects that ADRA NZ funds. This is done to ensure that the progress and gains made through development projects are protected from the effects of a disaster. This is very important to ensure long term development gains, especially for the poorest people, who are often most at risk from disaster events, are maintained.

Help support communities vulnerable to disaster by helping to prepare today!