Cyclone Winston: ADRA Responds

Cyclone Winston – the strongest storm to ever hit the South Pacific – has brought death and destruction to Fiji.

The Category 5 storm brought winds in excess of 300km/h and torrential rain.

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Emergency Handles 5 20 Emergency Handles 60 130

Map of Cyclone Winstons path

Here you can see the path (indicated by the black line) that cyclone Winston followed as it went right through the middle of Fiji hitting some of the outer islands quite badly. Over 90% of Fiji has been affected by cyclone Winston. With a lack of food, water and shelter becoming a big problem in some regions.

Although the full details are to be assessed, it is likely thousands will require urgent food, water and shelter. 

Adventist Churches and schools in the Vanua Levu are being used as evacuation centers. They have received families who need shelter.

You can help! Click here to donate online now or call 0800 499 911. 

Links to the latest news and updates on ADRA’s response are posted below:

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      — Fiji in the dark following Winston (updated 21 February)

      — Cyclone Winston ADRA Prepares to Respond (updated 20 February)

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